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Chef’s Farmer

Edible Communities

Jamie Swofford keeps a yellow legal pad attached to a clipboard with his daily list of farm tasks carefully written and categorized into "inside" and "outside" duties. The list, which he usually writes the day before, is further broken down to the specific areas of the property on which he farms. Years of getting crushed by volume in the harried restaurant kitchens of Charlotte taught him a thing or two about organization and preparedness.

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At Home in an International Market

Charlotte Magazine

Vivian Tong spent the first four years of her life in New York City’s Chinatown. A first-generation child of Chinese immigrants raised in an all-Chinese environment, she spoke Cantonese at home and spent a year in Hong Kong with her family. There, they shopped daily in open-air markets where crowds clamored for the freshest seafood and street carts sold steaming hot bowls of noodles. When she moved to Mooresville 30 years ago, it was culture shock. 

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Can Charlotte, North Carolina Become a Great Food City?

Food Republic

It’s Thursday afternoon inside Kindred Restaurant, one of the newest additions to the quaint college town of Davidson, just 20 minutes north of Charlotte, North Carolina. Servers fill the cushy leather bar stools, folding stacks of linens atop the sleek marble bar and actively awaiting lineup, which begins promptly at 4:30 p.m. Kitchen staff emerge from the basement kitchen in procession, bearing hands full of small plates for the servers to sample and deconstruct.

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Charlotte Needs Mocktails

Creative Loafing

Before I exhaust my word count on this particular issue, you must first know a few things about me. Namely, that I am a grown-ass woman with grown-ass interests. I like to dress like a lady. I pay my bills. And, after a hard week's work, I like to join my friends for a nice meal in one of Charlotte's fine culinary establishments.

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SouthPark Magazine Archives

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